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Localization and
Japan Entry Strategy

Start business for Japan where 120 million strong purchasing power customers reside? Effective Japan entry strategy and high quality localization is the key for you to reach out to those new customer for your business. View Solution
Training Solution

Need effective training to boost organizational capability of your business?  E-learning provides powerful yet cost-effective solution for your team or even for your customer. View Solution 
Web & Online Marketing Consulting

Want to promote the service or product of your business through the power of web & online marketing? Demystify the power of Search Engine Marketing to bring the business result! View Solution
Agile Productivity & Collaboration Solution

Want to know why Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite or Google Apps could provide agile yet very effective solution for your business productivity and collaboration? Here's why. View Solution
Agile Solution to Your Business.
Two Leaves Consulting brings the agile and measurable result to your business by proven Business IT solution, Marketing Consulting, and  Japan Entry/Localization strategy.
Strategy into Life
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